DDS genetic memory export:
Subject: Perotto Calderon 2/4
Date: 1498
Location: Agnadello


I knew we were being chased, but I had hoped for more time! We have only made it as far as Firenze, but I will have to stop to plan an ambush. Alexander's men will be here soon! I leave my horse in an alcove and bring my son to hide in the forest, my bow ready.

The baby cries! I put an arrow through the back of one man's head before he can turn to face me!

One of the soldiers, probably their leader, has remained on his horse. I shoot an arrow into its flank! The beast hurls its rider from his saddle and tramples him!

They return fire! I hear the arrows rip through the foliage around me, but none manage to come close enough to worry me.

My arrow goes wide! I correct my aim and the follow-up hits! At first I believe I have missed my mark, but my arrow has nearly buried itself in my target!

The rest of Alexander's hunting party turns tail! I have spooked them, but for how long? I am back on the road immediately, pushing my horse hard.

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