DDS genetic memory export:
Subject: Perotto Calderon 1/4
Date: 1498
Location: Agnadello


My Order keeps an artifact in Agnadello, one with powers I cannot explain. If it can heal my child, I will travel any distance! I will need a horse, but I cannot return to the convent to retrieve my own. I pull a soldier from his saddle and challenge him for his mount!

I chose a dangerous victim; this man is skilled with a longsword! I take note of the man's armor and exploit his weaknesses. A swift boot to his crotch drops his guard!

We lock blades and he pushes me to the ground! I barely dodge his next move by throwing dirt into his eyes!

We are starting to draw a crowd! I must end this soon!

He parries my attack and returns with a thrust to my chest! I spin, yet he manages to draw blood!

The soldier is my equal, but my desperate tactics best him! I take his horse and return for my son. Someday I will repay Giulia's kindness, but first I must finish what I have started! I secure my child and set out for Agnadello!

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