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DDS genetic memory export:
Subject: Mario Auditore 5/5
Date: 1454
Location: Monteriggioni, Italy


I want this thing out of Monteriggioni, whatever it may be! My brother will know what to do with it. As I carry the box out of the chamber, it continues to speak to me. I will not submit!

"REMAIN STILL", it demands! I move faster.

"CLEAR YOUR MIND". I am not sure I will ever be able to clear my mind again after this day.

"YOU WILL BE HEALED", it promises. My wound has already stopped bleeding. What is this thing?

It attempts to stun me by screaming in my head! It nearly succeeds!

The voice does not seem hostile, despite its urgency. Perhaps it does only wish to heal, but I will not take a chance!

It is done. I have hidden the damnable thing in the Villa. Soon, Giovanni will arrive to move it away from here. It becomes the Brotherhood's problem, now.

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