DDS genetic memory export:
Subject: Mario Auditore 4/5
Date: 1454
Location: Monteriggioni, Italy

--- A voice booms in my skull! "YOUR PAIN IS TEMPORARY. IGNORE IT." My men believe the box's contents will heal their wounds, but I tell them we must not open it! They draw their blades and attack me!

I remind my men that I am a better swordsman, but they attack as one! I hold them back with the flat of my blade and the toes of my boot! They will not listen to reason!

The artifact has not been hoarded like some prized treasure, but hidden away to be forgotten! Who knows what it might unleash?

I am forced to strike down two of my men before they can gain an advantage! One man pushes past me and tries to open the lid. I stab him through his back!

What a cruel treasure this is, hidden away in the dark. After what we have suffered, after slaying men I called my friends, I must look inside! I must know! But I will not.