DDS genetic memory export:
Subject: Mario Auditore 3/5
Date: 1454
Location: Monteriggioni, Italy


We enter a narrow hallway. There are carvings on the walls and panels on the floor. The miner, mouth agape, steps forward and is shredded by razor wire. We pull him back, but he is already dead!

I sweep my sword before me as I slowly progress through the corridor. I encounter more razor wire and hack through it.

A false floor tile! I stumble, but one of my guards catches my shoulder. I hold my torch near the floor but I see no bottom to the pit! Some of my men turn back. I do not blame them.

We begin to anticipate the traps and disarm many of them before they can trigger. I narrowly dodge a triggered arrow and it pierces the chest of the man behind me!

We have found it! Not some ornate treasure, but a simple wooden box. I advance and realize my misstep; a pendulum swoops from the ceiling! I try to dodge, but it splits my face, taking my left eye! I spit curses at the architect of this infernal chamber!

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