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DDS genetic memory export:
Subject: Mario Auditore 2/5
Date: 1454
Location: Monteriggioni, Italy


I bring my soldiers with me, as well as a miner, and we descend into the old well. We will spend the day down here if we must - I am sure we are on the right track!

Most of the water has been drained from this well. I search the earthen floor for any markings or switches. My men must think me mad!

Some wooden structures remain from the excavation. I climb them to investigate the higher reaches of the chamber, but I find no clues.

I silence my men and stand completely still. For several minutes we simply listen. Nothing!

I push on the rock walls, focusing on extrusions or loose stones. Nothing moves. I find no traces of anything mechanical, and no ropes. Perhaps this was just a simple well...

It was foolish to think we would find anything but rock down here. We are done for tod- wait! The miner's flame! It dances as he approaches the back wall. There is a chamber hidden here! We put all of our strength into pushing the wall and it slides.


("WAIT! THE MINER'S FLAME!" Hahaha. I love this guy. -A. Gramática)

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