DDS genetic memory export:
Subject: Mario Auditore 1/5
Date: 1454
Location: Monteriggioni, Italy


Luziano Pezatti confessed the truth behind Montefeltro's siege. He was not here for Monteriggioni; he sought what lies beneath her. Something my ancestors hid. We will find it.

We must find what the Fiorentini were seeking, be it a relic, treasure, or junk. I have called in my architects and historians. Together, we will solve this mystery!

We study the Auditore journals and uncover many cryptic messages and vague references. We cannot make sense of them.

I walk the architect through Monteriggioni's building layout and we discuss the possible hiding places beneath each one.

I know there are secrets beneath the Villa that my assistants will not find in any record book. However, I do not believe anything I have found would be so interesting to our enemy.

Surely the Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta is a wise place to search. After all, churches have long kept some of mankind's darkest secrets. We spend an afternoon searching, but come away with nothing.

The Auditore have a crypt in Monteriggioni, filled with secrets. My brother Giovanni explored it thoroughly when he was younger, and though his findings were... shocking, he found no artifact.

The well Searching Auditore family records, we find that one of my ancestors had the old well drained and then further excavated. A senseless act... unless he was hiding something.


Alvaro - as promised, here is the first delivery of DDS data. Some of it is very fragmented, we're still cleaning up the mess Erudito made of everything. -I. Ardant)

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