DDS genetic memory export:
Subject: Renato Auditore 1/1
Date: 1355
Location: Monteriggioni, Italy


A myth become miracle, the "holy winding sheet" has arrived. Freshly plucked from Templar hands in France. I do not want to look at the thing, but I must confirm for myself. I meet my Brothers in the Villa.

My Brother's tell me that the Shroud's owner, Geoffroy de Charny, suspects nothing. We have paid many men and women a fortune to replace his Shroud with an intricate replica. To remove this burden from history.

I can feel... something... the moment it is lifted from its box. Evil. A sickness in my belly. I begin to take my notes.

A man's shape has been burned into the Shroud, arms to his sides and palms forward. According to the church's records, the visage has changed throughout history. Different men? Who are they? He appears to have been tortured.

The fabric itself is yellowed... old. It has blood stains on it, which are to be expected with wounds such as these.

Satisfied that we possess what we had sought, we fold the Shroud and put it back into its box. I hear words, faint in my mind. One might mistake them for spirits, but for me they simply reinforce the importance of my task.

What better place than our walled city to hide such abominations from mankind? We will bury it deep and set up measures to ensure it remains hidden. We will burn church records and send claims of fraud to religious leaders. Who would know its flaws better than the ones who forged it?


(Renato Auditore, son of Auditore and Isabetta, was a pretty forgettable Assassin. Although he was largely responsible for turning Monteriggioni into an Assassin stronghold. The Auditore family only really gets interesting with Renato's grandsons, Mario and Giovanni. -I. Ardant)