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Timestamp: 2015-10-14
Location: [REDACTED]

  • Gramática: Isabelle! What brings you here?
  • Ardant: I came to gloat, actually. Look at this data.
  • Gramática: A Sage!
  • Ardant: It gets better. Check his patrilineal line.
  • Gramática: Let's see... patrilineal line... Nineteenth century American midwest. Eighteenth century American Revolution. Sixteenth century Ottoman Empire. Fifteenth century Italian Renaissance! Oh my god! You don't mean...?
  • Ardant: Yeah... The best part? His mother just walked him into one of your new clinics in New York City.
  • Gramática: I'd really like to strip him for parts like we did with Subject 17.
  • Ardant: Oh no you don't. You had your chance with the Shroud. This asset is mine, and I won't be a party to the needless mutilation of a ten-year-old boy. It's inhumane.
  • Gramática: So what do you plan to do with him?
  • Ardant: Given his unique lineage, I think we should put him in an Animus for the next fifty years. Think of the data we could extract!
  • Gramática: That's terribly old-fashioned. In any case, we should send Sigma Team to recover him.
  • Ardant: No. I'm going to keep an eye on him for now. We'll collect him when the time is right.

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