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Timestamp: 2015-09-25
Location: [REDACTED]

  • Ardant: Hello Álvaro.
  • Gramática: What the hell do you want?
  • Ardant: Don't look so glum. Let me tell you what I've been working on lately. We sent Berg to India last year to chase a lead involving Koh-i-Noor. It was a dead end, but we did manage to find some data on an Assassin from the eighteen-hundreds. Arbaaz Mir.
  • Gramática: And?
  • Ardant: And... while that's all very interesting, when we looked further into his genetic line, we found this.
  • Gramática: Arbaaz Mir's son was in London. So what?
  • Ardant: Look closer.
  • Gramática: Bla bla... assumed name, Henry Green... Bla bla... Seems he and the Assassins were searching for... Oh my god! You found another one!
  • Ardant: Teams are working outward from this sample. We scoured Helix and tracked down a set of memories from the Grand Master of the British Rite, Crawford Starrick. We're also looking for data on other Assassins of the era.
  • Gramática: Don't you have anyone searching for the new Shroud?
  • Ardant: No one yet. You want to call in Berg?
  • Gramática: As soon as humanly possible!

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