Timestamp: 2014-12-01
Location: [REDACTED]

Grámatica: The Paris facility was completely destroyed, along with our best samples. All that work, lost forever. With that in mind, these are notes towards increased efforts to locating new Precursor samples.

I want to merge Industry and Entertainment in the hearts and minds of the public. Every product and service Abstergo offers should be sending user-data to Helix for us to look through. That will be a tough sell to a public who's already scared of Big Brother, so we will sell them all Big Mother. Nobody likes it when the government snoops on our social media, but everyone's wearing an Abstergo bodyband fitness monitor.

What about an Abstergo stenographer? We take a sample from the plaintiff and defendant, and then relive the case through their eyes. Yes, that's what I want. I'll ask mister Rikkin to lean on the justice department to get samples from the prison population as well.

Laetitia has authorised a series of Abstergo clinics. We're going to open them in cities around the world. Abstergo healthcare... imagine, being adopted and finding out who your birthparents are along with your entire medical history in minutes.

Under Melanie Lemay's watch, Abstergo Entertainment has more users than ever. That's great, but it's still a pretty small userbase. But we need to expand our demographics. Not a lot of virtual feature enthusiasts in the octogenarian set. So, let's make products that appeal to them.

I want to create a digital wake, where people could show the love for ones they leave behind their best memories together. From the baby monitor to a virtual funeral, I want everyone on this planet to be connected to Helix. Then we can eh... we can... ah damn it. What's the use? It's over. Finished.

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