Timestamp: 2013-12-25
Location: Phoenix Project lab. Paris.

[Door opening]

  • Da Costa: What's up, doc? Love the new workspace.
  • Gramática: Violet, what a lovely surprise!
  • Da Costa: Can't stay. I'm just here with a special delivery.
  • Gramática: Oh! Oh, you didn't.
  • Da Costa: Oh, yes I did.
  • Gramática: This is the dear departed John Standish, the Sage!
  • Da Costa: Consider it a thank-you-gift from mister Berg. But we have a request.
  • Gramática: I can't bring him back to life. The Shroud doesn't work that way.
  • Da Costa: We know the primary goal of the Phoenix Project is to sequence Precursor DNA, reverse engineer artifacts and all that good shit. but we want you to make something for us. A body.
  • Gramática: Even with the Sage, a viable clone is still decades away.
  • Da Costa: Then the sooner we get started, the better. Can it be done?
  • Gramática: I don't know... But I can't wait to find out!

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