Timestamp: 2013-11-17
Location: Future Technology, Paris branch

  • Da Costa: I put enough tranquilizers in Gramática's coffee to knock out a whale.
  • Berg: Good. You will be back in Montreal as soon as we are done here.
  • Da Costa: So the only question is, who's getting shot in the face? ... Of course. Okay, let's do this.

[Door opening]

  • Gramática: Master Berg! Explain yourself.
  • Da Costa: How the fuck are you up and about?
  • Gramática: Please. I shit better drugs than whatever weak thing you spiked me with. I take it this isn't an official Sigma Team mission?
  • Berg: Juno has an entire cult of worshipers under her thrall. The Inner Sanctum may not see a threat. I do.
  • Gramática: Sigma Team has been disbanded. You've both been reassigned to the Phoenix Project and here you are, defying orders by breaking into MY facility and trying to interrogate a Precursor! I knew I liked you for a reason, Berg. Proceed.
  • Berg: Thank you.


  • Consus: I am Consus, the Erudite God.
  • Berg: Tell me everything you know about the one called Juno.
  • Consus: Juno. Schemer. Three centuries after my death, she found me. Usurped my work. Used it for her own ends. He who is the image of Aita. He will herald her return.
  • Berg: Juno wants to exterminate us.
  • Consus: Perhaps once, your uprising was an affront. But after the catastrophe, everything changed.
  • Berg: Explain.
  • Consus: I cannot. She vanished. Plan set in motion. She lay in wait.
  • Gramática: Then hypothesize. What does she want?
  • Consus: Hypothesis irrelevant. Civilizations crumble. Flesh decays. Everything is impermanent. Except, the grey area inside of systems. The connections.
  • Gramática: Precursor minds are powerful. If Juno is inside of a network, she could control it.
  • Berg: And the planet grows more networked every day.
  • Gramática: You were right to be concerned. This merits further study.