Timestamp: 2012-12-21
Location: Future Technology, Paris branch

  • Da Costa: You look distracted.
  • Gramática: We were supposed to launch the Eye-Abstergo satellite today. Ah, what might have been. So, here we are. Our final session together.
  • Da Costa: I'm not gonna miss getting shot in the face, but...
  • Gramática: Yes?
  • Da Costa: Having Consus in my head is the craziest fucking thing, but it's also... soothing somehow. Is it weird that I'm gonna miss that?
  • Gramática: I'll let you in on a secret. I talk to him when no one else is around.
  • Da Costa: I know what you mean.
  • Gramática: Well, let's say our goodbyes and get you on your way.


  • Consus: I am Consus, the Erudite God.
  • Gramática: Violet is leaving us today, Consus.
  • Consus: Everything is impermanent. Jason, Giovanni Borgia, William Woodman. Here, then gone.
  • Gramática: I simply thought you might like to say goodbye.
  • Consus: It is good to talk again. To brush up against another mind. Even simple ones, such as yours.
  • Gramática: I'll choose to ignore that.
  • Consus: You are marvelous creations. Exceeded your programming. Made something from nothing. Flawed but bold. I approve.

[Static sound]

  • Gramática: What the hell?
  • Consus: The Grand Temple is opened. She lies in wait no longer. She is free!
  • Juno: It's done. The world is saved. You played your part well, Desmond. But now... Now it's time that I played mine.
  • Consus: Minerva has failed. All is lost!
  • Gramática: What was that? Answer me!
  • Consus: The damage is repaired. Rest now.
  • Da Costa: Ugh. What the hell was that?