Timestamp: 2012-01-04
Location: Future Technology, Paris branch

  • Ardant: You called me all the way to Paris for this madness?
  • Gramática: Listen, it's been months and we are no closer to getting the Shroud to work. The microscopic technology in its fibers is similar to what we found in other Pieces of Eden. An alloy we've dubbed [Bathoricka]. This alloy seems to react specifically to thought. But the artifact itself remains inert.
  • Ardant: That's still no reason for this course of action. What if the Shroud doesn't save you?
  • Gramática: Do you know just how much of Abstergo's money we've embezzled into our secret project here? Because I'm sure Mr. Rikkin noticed by now. And if we have nothing to show for it... so I'm going to wrap myself in the Shroud. And you're going to do what needs to be done. One way or another, our current dilemma will be resolved.
  • Ardant: Fine.


  • Ardant: Oh, shit!

[Sound of the Shroud activating]

  • Consus: I am Consus, the Erudite God.

[Isabelle Ardant screaming]

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