ACS Rebecca Crane

Date of Birth: 03 February 1984.

One key reason Rebecca is so great is that she traded a life of extreme sports for a life of intellectual pursuits. Rebecca might have been an Olympian if it weren't for her deep love of "comical cigarettes" and "doobies" - apologies for the technical jargon there - and a nasty broken leg, no doubt obtained by doing something utterly Crane-like, like falling out of a helicopter into an avalanche or trying to drive a jetski through a tornado while eating a tofuburger.

While recuperating, she taught herself to code and found her true calling as a Maker of Things. She provides tech support for Assassins in the field, she creates and maintains our gear, even going so far as to create her own version of the Animus, which she named "Baby." Did I mention she enjoys recreational substances?

(Don't sass me. You can't even make a cup of fucking coffee. -RC)

Becs swears too much, has a very easy-going nature, but she's lost friends along the way. Clay, Lucy, Desmond. Assassins rarely retire, if you know what I mean. But she's never once thought about giving up, and I'm proud to say that she's my very best friend in the world.

(Aw! <3 -RC)

HOWEVER. She's bloody annoying, and a vegetarian, so you can imagine how easy that makes finding food while we're on assignment. Death could be upon us at any minute, but oh dear, we must always procure bits of tree in order to sustain Rebecca.

(Aaaaaaaaand you ruined it. Here's your punishment: Shaun's birthday is the 16th of November 1985 -RC)

... not cool, Becs. And i happen to think I look quite good for my age. :(

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