PostSoviet Science

The following is an excerpt from a series of log entries from an Assassin lab in Protvino, outside of Moscow:

The Soviet Union has dissolved. The nation falls deeper into Templar hands.

From what I can gather, we are the only Assassin Science City left. With one maddening project that has haunted us for over a decade.

What is the Animus? It's the only question that I've been asked since I brought those blueprints back. I have no answer. From what we can decipher, it reads... not your thoughts, not your dreams, but... your memories? It sounds crazy to say out loud.

We've built one as best we can, but we lack Abstergo's resources, their technology. It requires enormous amounts of power. The few test subjects who have used it emerged from the experience as madmen. They are locked in another wing of the compound for care and study.

Nobody wants to pay for it. Nobody CAN pay for it. Whatever Assassins are left just laugh at us. They say we will not save Russia with a machine.

They pressure us to turn it into a weapon, to lower its potential into something crude that they can understand. Something they can sell for funds, or something they can kill their enemies with. Something USEFUL.

What happened to us? What happened to our future? What kind of world am I leaving to my twin girls?