ACU Bellec Render

Born in New France sometime around 1740, Pierre Bellec joined the French colonial militia at the age of 16, at the start of the Seven Years' War. He served with some distinction, earning a commendation for valor at the Battle of Fort Bull, but mustered out and traveled to France in 1762. *
* As luck would have it, just barely missing a massive purge of the Colonial branch of the Brotherhood by the Templars.

Don't worry. Those don't happen any more.

Well, hardly ever.

You know what, lock your doors. Just to be safe.
He seems to have settled in Paris, judging from the numerous arrest records in his name over the next two decades. He may have been at the Bastille in 1789, but no conclusive proof naming him as one of the prisoners has ever surfaced. He died under peculiar circumstances in April of 1791; reportedly, his body was found "strangely garbed" in the Upper Chapel of the Sainte-Chapelle cathedral.**
** To this day, the surest way to start a fight in a room full of Assassin Historians is to shout "Bellec was right!" Or, really, "Bellec was wrong!"

Either that or a kick to the shins. Many Assassin Historians have phenomenally weak shins.