ACS DB Philip Twopenny

Date of Birth: 25 January 1827.

When does four pennies plus two pennies equal two pennies? When Mrs. Twopenny has only one child, then dies in a boat accident.

Her husband, the elder Mr. Twopenny, had profited immensely from their marriage, gaining her shipping company, several sugar plantations in Mauritius, and her father's connections. Little Philip was raised in the lap of luxury, attending Charterhouse public school - only we Brits would call one of the most expensive and exclusive educations to be had "public" - before attending Oxford.

Twopenny served one term in Parliament, as a Tory in the House of Commons, a.k.a. generally and genially taking up space, before joining Thomas Newman Hunt, the Governor of the Bank of England, in an unusual joint role at the Bank, recommended and supported by Crawford Starrick. Twopenny was to run things day to day for Hunt. Perhaps Mr. Hunt was paid off in Mauritian sugar.

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