ACS DB Pearl Attaway

Date of Birth: 20 October 1833.

Not much is recorded in the history books about Pearl prior to her inheritance of the Attaway family's stagecoach company upon her father's retirement. She transitioned the company from goods delivery to a private transportation service, but her success was not über. Subsequently, she made another business transition, changing from private stagecoaches to public omnibuses. Thus Attaway Transport was born to immediate success and Malcolm Millner's ire.

... So just a teensy little misstep in my research: scanning the Abstergo archives reveals that Pearl was Starrick's cousin... that she is a member of the Order... and he also proposed marriage to her. Oops.

It seems that she turned him down to keep Attaway Transport in her name and remained an on-again, off-again business rival to Starrick. I assume their relationship was rather complicated, the stuff of basic cable TV or the British aristocracy. Two not so different worlds.