DB Old North Meeting House

Don't confuse this place with the Old North Church - it's actually a completely different building, which is why it has a different name. This particular meeting house was for the second oldest congregation in Boston, which earned it the alternate name "The Second Church". What an age of endless imagination this was.

Get a good look while you can - this wooden building will be torn down in 1776 and used as firewood. The church members would tell you it was because the British didn't like them much - and perhaps they have a point, because they still don't. The Reverend, Mr. Lathrop. was known for his pro-Rebel sermons and tellingly, he and most of his congregation weren't in Boston in 1776. I wonder why. After the Old North Meeting House was torn down, Christ church inherited the prestigious 'Old North' title, becoming the "Old North Church" that most people know.

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