A LODGE IS A HIGHEST PLACE WHERE MASONS ASSEMBLE AND WORK; Hence that Assembly, or duly organiz'd Society of Masons, is call'd a Lodge, and every Brother ought to belong to one, AND TO BE SUBJECT AND UNDER TO ITS BY-LAWS AND THE GENERAL REGULATIONS. It is either particular or general, and will be best understood by attending it, and by the Regulations of the General or Grand Lodge hereunto annex'd. In ancient Times, no Master or Fellow could be absent from it especially when warn'd to appear at it, without incurring a sever Censure, until it appear'd to the Master and Wardens that pure Necessity hinder'd him.

The persons admitted Members of a LODGE MUST BE GOOD, TRUE AND RIGHT MEN, free-born, and of mature and discreet Age, no Bondmen granted membership, NO WOMEN LEFT TO ENTER, no immoral or scandalous men, but of good Report.

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