ACS DB Ned Wynert

Date of Birth: 5 October 1840.

Although born in New York City, Ned always dreamed of traveling to London. He must have been quite a fan of rain. Not only was an escape abroad attractive to his inquisitive young mind, but the British Empire held the potential for extraordinary criminal activity.

New Wynert (née Henrietta "Netta" Mary Wynn) was raised in American "polite society" and was expected to play the part, but longed for a life outside social constraints. Always clever, he learned how to sneak away from home while no one was watching. By day, he would play the part of the respectably little girl, but by night he was a boy and, disguised, found a home on the streets among petty thieves and darker influences. No one ever made a connection between the two personae, and Ned soon began making a name for himself as a notorious jewel thief. Once he had amassed sufficient funds, he left home for good, and utterly abandoned his old "Netta" identity. Which seems a shame, because she sounded fun.

Ned quickly excelled in the criminal underworld, but struck it big only after proving his talents and being recruited by America's most famous thief: Adam Worth. Seeing Ned's obvious talent for scheming and schmoozing, Worth gave him a very important mission that just so happened to mirror the young man's dream: set up a crime syndicate in the heart of the British Empire.

It wasn't hard for Ned to make friends when he did reach London, and it wasn't long before his plan was underway. He made his base of operations in Southwark, specialising in theft, and assembled a group of hardworking, loyal thieves to aid his cause. There was only one obstacle remaining on his path to achieving true success: the Blighters.

Luck would find Ned again, however, when in 1868 Ned stumbled upon the most beautiful train he had ever laid eyes on. The owners of the train, twin Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye, agreed to take out the Blighter presence, provided Ned let them keep whatever booty they discovered on their journey across London.

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