DB Moulton's Hill

The lowest hill on the Charlestown Peninsula, standing at 32 feet, or about 10 metres high, it is sometimes referred to as Moulton Hill or Moulton's Point.

This is where General Howe's troops landed during the Battle of Bunker Hill. Boston's actually on the opposite side of the peninsula, but Howe took the longer route round to outflank the Revolutionaries on their left side. That was his excuse for taking the long route, anyway, and he was sticking to it.

However, Howe made a mistake when he arrived: he saw Continental troops on Bunker Hill and assumed they were newly-arrived reinforcements (they were mostly just confused and milling around, like aimless youths outside a shopping mall). Howe halted to wait for his own reinforcements, which gave the Continental Army time to shore up weak spots in their defenses. This made the battle much longer and more difficult than it might have been.

It also means there was an advantage to the chaos in the Continental Army that day - they managed to confuse their enemies as well as themselves. It's not a bad tactic. To this day, if anyone starts on me, I just spin around and shout about tables until they're too confused and amble off.

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