ACS DB Royal Correspondence 2

Dearest Bertie, -

These lines will be given you on my birthday with the Insignia of the Order of the Thistle, which I know you wished much to have, and which therefore I wished to give you on my poor old sad birthday - once so happy and bright. I hope it will be quite a surprise to you.

I mean to give my dear Arthur, who is now 17, the Garter on the same day.

I would also have given Affie the Office of Constable of the Round Tower, but his home is not properly in England, and the income is of no consequence to him, I shall give it to poor Victor, and would ask you to tell it him in my name, saying to him at the same time, that I thought he ought now to be very prudent and not to embark in any speculation. You should impress this strongly upon him.

As Lenchen and Christian live at Frogmore, I mean to make Christian Ranger of Windsor Park, which will give him some pleasant occupation and be a help to General Seymour. But it will make no difference whatever as to the shooting which remains entirely in my hands and under my direction...


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