ACS DB Malcolm Millner

Date of Birth: 11 August 1833.

Malcolm Millner was the oldest of five children born to a carpenter and a homemaker in Southwark. As the first born, his parents expected great things from him, and time after time, they were disappointed. While his siblings grew up to become bank clerks, crewman, and teachers, Malcolm had a hard time grasping basic concepts. Glancing through our files, it looks like he may have been dyslexic. At any rate, the boy would lash out violently at school, and he left home when he was a teenager.

Millner's name doesn't appear again until 1864, when public records show him acquiring the Greater London Omnibus Company and renaming it the Millner Company. How did he manage to buy a bus company? Perhaps he was skilled at driving backwards... or perhaps I have it backwards, as this marks the beginning of a number of smaller bus companies dropping like flies due to fires, and disappearances, the same methods Millner would use to sabotage Attaway Transport. At this point Parisian cab companies should be taking note.

Anyhow, it looks as though Starrick Industries bought out the Millner Company in 1867, around the time that Millner himself was being investigated for arson, assault, and murder. The investigations suddenly stopped that year as well - one of the benefits of working for Crawford Starrick, no doubt.

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