AC4DB - Lucia Marquez

Born: 1689
Died: 1715

Born in Spain, Lucia Marquez never knew her father. (Possibly the explorer Alejandro de Ortega -DM) By the age of twelve she was supporting herself and her sisters on the streets, begging, borrowing, and stealing anything she could, all the while developing the skills of a master thief.

At the age of seventeen, she was caught stealing a horse belonging to a high-ranking Templar, and wisely opted for training over jail time.

The Templar life gave Marquez the focus she needed and she never found herself at a lack of challenge or adventure.

She died at the age of twenty-six on Pinos Isle, wise beyond her years, on the order of the Taino Assassin, Opia Apito.

(Note: You'd think after FAILING to steal a horse, a Master Templar wouldn't be so impressed. -DM)

(Note: Guess he (or she?) saw potential in the grasshopper. -RL)

(Note: Maybe she (or he) just didn't like that horse. -JM)

(Note: Heartwarming origin story. Aren't we all about second chances at Abstergo Entertainment? -ML)

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