ACUDB - Louis Antoine de Saint-Just

Born in 1767, Louis-Antoine de St-Just quickly sided with the revolution. In 1791, he was elected to the legislative assembly. He made a name for himself when he addressed the Convention at the trial of Louis XVI, stating: "A king must reign or die." His words met with prolonged applause. Saint-Just was the first to openly pronounce what many thought, but did not dare to say. In September 1793, the French Revolution veered dramatically towards terror. The Committee of Public Safety increasingly asserted its far-reaching power; especially its leaders: Robespierre, Couthon, Collot d'Herbois and Saint-Just. Perhaps due to his extreme positions, a legend eventually grew insinuating that Saint-Just had clothing made from human skin in the tanneries of Paris. With the fall of his friend and colleague Robespierre, he too met the "widow" on 10 Thermidor year II (July 28, 1794).