To Hendrick van der Heul,

Hendrick, you are my most trusted advisor and closest friend and I pray this found you safely. You know what it is I had and you know the power it holds. They thirst for it - I know not who they are but I now know for certain they are not after me in the name of any crown. They are something else, something secret, something relentless, something with resources beyond measure. Something that frightens me like nothing else I have encountered in this life. I am holed up on a farm just outside Boston trying my most desperate and last ditch attempt rid myself of them for it cannot fall into their grasp. I have sent you the last piece of my precious scroll that leads me to where I stowed it. Hold it for me. They are upon me. IF I come out the victor I will find you, if not - die with it.

Captain William Kidd

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