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To Abel Owens,

It has been a turn since we last tipped our tankards together and it will likely be a spell longer as I am in hiding off the coast of Massachusetts, I doubt this isle has even been graced with a name. The King's men are breathing down my nape and quarters are too close for comfort. What you will find in this package is a scroll of the greatest value to me. Something that I hold dear above all the plunder and jewels that I have scattered about the globe, something that must remain secret and as such I must order you not to open it or read it. Carry it with you at all times and protect it, and what lies inside, with your life until I find you. It's taking me longer than I anticipated to rid myself of those who stalk me but you know as well as I, it is only a matter of time before I shake them for good.

Be ware and wise,
Captain William Kidd

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