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We have no doubt the Pantheon will soon embrace the mortal remains of another of France's fallen heroes! Glory to the memory of Louis-Michel Le Peletier de Saint-Fargeau, martyr of the revolution!


There are many confused reports coming from the Vendée, but it is clear that thousands lie dead or wounded in a series of bloody revolts. Whole towns are held at gunpoint, to either join the rebels or be utterly razed.


We are weary of the escapades of the aged and debauched aristo. Once again his name has surfaced in conjunction with depraved (and possibly homicidal!) activities near Les Halles. Will no one rid us of this embarrassment to France?


Jean Nollet and his amazing Flying Boy. Scientists are astounding themselves with experiments using the new-found power of electricity. Boys suspended by silk scarves are able to attach various objects. Most peculiar and edifying.


We must all do our part for the war Citizens! If a commissioner requires your grain, you must bless him! If a recruiter requires your sons, you must kiss them proudly as they leave, and should they fall, and many will, we shall all honour their dutiful sacrifice!

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