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In an unprecendented move, the assembly have decreed that Citizen Mirabeau will be given a state funeral, in the abbey church of St-Genevieve! Now to be known as the Pantheon, it will serve as the final resting place of the heroes of the revolution!


Once the King's Minister of the Treasury (and much-loved public figure), Jacques Necker is leaving Paris in disgrace. His attempted reforms, as popular as they once were, came too late and changed too little to avert the recent upheaval. We say, "Good riddance to this Swiss meddler!"


Lafayette acquitted! Despite massive pressure from the people, the Assembly has voted in his favour. Citizens are encouraged to respect the law. Many members have since been abused and intimidated, which though natural considering public opinion, must end.


Our brothers in Liège are once more defeated by the feudal tyrant Habsburgs. They will not quit however. The spirit of liberty once tasted by the people cannot be suppressed. France hears your cries, brothers!


Le Chévalier d'Éon, showman and swordswoman! We are at loss for words. Should these pages be singing the glory of his exquisite taste in dresses or the unique finesse of his deadly swordplay? Le Chévalier d'Éon has dumbfounded us once again.

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