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The armies of the Prince Bishop and his allies now threaten our brothers in Liège! Their young Republic cannot withstand the might of the Habsburg machine for long. Should they seek shelter in France, we'll not turn them away!


Few onlookers were seen at yesterday's representation of Le Barbier de Seville. It is believed, in light of recent events, that the upper-crust aura surrouding the outlandish playwright Beaumarchais has kept merrymakers at bay.


Unknown rogues have made off with a selection of the Crown Jewels. As these are part of the treasury of France, those guilty are not only thieves, but traitors. Report any suspicious pawners at once!


Citizen Mirabeau has won election to the post of president of the National Constituent Assembly. After a long, varied and mostly distinguished career, the respect he has earned from all sides should help France get things done.


While the appeal of owning a piece of the Bastille may find favour with some, misguided few, the Royal Director of Buildings is of a different, and certainly legally superior opinion. He asks that you please desist in the practice.

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