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Latude escapes again! Years ago, Jean-Henri Latude made quite a career of his exploits - escaping from the prison of Vincennes, then the Bastille, then Vincennes again. This time, however, he escaped from a crowd of well-wishers trying to shake his hand. The crowd pressed a bit closely for the escape-artist and he was compelled to rush away.


Jacques' back! Following the hullabaloo we all rightfully raised on his behalf, the King has eased off and reappointed Necker to oversee the country's finances! Hear hear for King Louis!


Mlle Lenormand: Seer of the Old City. The Ile de la Cité has its own Sybil! Mlle Lenormand is able to see one's future using her unique Tarot cards, designed by the woman herself. Treat yourself to a peek into the what-is-soon-to-be!


The good Marquis de Lafayette has been confirmed as Commander in Chief of the new National Guard. With him in charge, order is no doubt to be swiftly restored, the troubles of the past weeks swept under the Damask silks.


Republicanism, violence... surely Monsieur Desmoulins paints a rather bellicose picture? Can we not turn to reason and dialog rather than to blows? With all the advances made in this age of enlightenment, brutality would seem rather out of place...

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