ACU Leon

No historical data worth reporting. *
* We'll see about that: Child to a Moorish mother and a Caucasian father, Léon was left with a note pinned to his shirt outside the cloister of Saint Denis. The monks brought the two-year-old to the orphange of Vieille Madame Margot.

From the beginning, he was trouble, keeping the Madame up late into the night with his crying. His relationship with the other children wasn't much better. He kept to himself, playing games with imaginary knights and daring battles in his room. By seven he had discovered every conceivable escape route from the orphanage. Léon challenged himself to do the impossible, skinning hens while their owners were hanging the laundry, stealing pliers from the doctor right before he pulled a tooth and swimming the width of any river he came upon while remaining underwater. These anarchic feats changed one day when Léon saved an aristocrat from a gang of Jacobins. A young boy and girl were trapped inside the catacombs calling for their mother. Léon climbed down only to watch the gang chase the two to a dead end. Running without watching where she was going, the girl plunged through a crevice to her death. But, by using his knowledge of the passages beneath the city, Léon was able to save her brother. Returning the boy to his teary-eyed mother, Léon realized that he had discovered his true calling.

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