B. 1731

Kaniehtí:io was a member of the Kanien'kehá:ka nation, living on the frontier lands near Boston at the time of the French and Indian War. Assassin records indicate that she was the daughter of the Iakoiá:ner, or Clan Mother, and from an early age was being groomed for leadership herself.

While many in her community chose to ignore the incursions by Colonists into the area, and growing tensions between the French and British, Kaniehtí:io was convinced that they presented a very real danger. She began to argue to anyone who would listen that the village should take action, rather than staying silent - which was contrary to the will of the clan chiefs at the time. She refused to follow their orders to remain neutral, deciding to fight back in her own way and recruiting help where she could get it - including from Haytham Kenway.


Kaniehtí:io's actions during the Braddock expedition, along with her relationships with a known Templar, more or less excluded her from becoming a Clan Mother herself in adulthood. However, it seems even after her child was born, she continued arguing for action in the war, rather than the restraint advocated by the village elders. She did, however, cut off all contact with Haytham.

It's not clear why the Templars attacked in 1760 - or what their objective might have been. The village was nearly destroyed, but recovered over the course of several years.


Well - that makes slightly more sense. It seems the Templars weren't behind the burning of Connor's village. You can thank George Washington for that. I'm guessing that part of Washington's career didn't make it into your history books. But then, so many things didn't...

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