ACS DB Royal Correspondence 3


Lord Charles FitzRoy having always been so king to the Queen in all that concerns her convenience and comfort, and having only lately informed her that the Duke of Beaufort so completely understood her wishes and entered into her feelings respecting her faithful Brown, and having also her last year that people quite understood his going as an upper servant with her carriage, and he (Lord Charles) thinking there should be no difference in London to the country, and moreover having taken him everywhere with her for two years on public as well as private occasions, she is much astonished and shocked at an attempt being made by some people to prevent her faithful servant going with her to the Review in Hyde Park, thereby making the poor, nervous, shaken Queen, who is so accustomed to his watchful care and intelligence, terribly nervous and uncomfortable. Whatever can be done, the Queen does not know on this occasion, or what it all means she does not know; but she would be very glad if Lord Charles could come down to-morrow morning any time before luncheon, that she may have some conversation with him on this subject, not so much with a view as to what can be done on this occasion, but as to what can be done for the future to prevent her being teased and plagued with the interference of others, and moreover to make it completely understood once and for all that her Upper Highland servant (whether it be Brown or another, in case he should be ill, replaces him0 belongs to her outdoor attendants on State as well as private occasions. The Queen will not be dictated to, or made to alter what she had found to answer for her comfort, and looks to her gentlemen and especially her Equerries setting this right for the future, whatever may be done on this single occasion.

If, when Lord Charles arrives, he would first go to Countess Blücher, he will hear from her what has passed.

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