AC4DB - Julien du Casse

Born: 1682
Died: 1715

Nephew of the buccaneer Jean du Casse, Julien was born in Montpellier, France. He took after his uncle's example and took to sea at a young age, eventually joining him in a few skirmishes during the War of the Spanish Succession. Fighting on the side of the French, and by proxy, on behalf of King Philip of Spain, du Casse's skill as a gunner improved rapidly, even as he grew wildly disillusioned with the monarchy and its obsession with lineage and breeding over raw talent and skill.

In 1704, ordered by his superior officers to join his uncle and hundreds of French troops in what would become known as the Battle of Vélez-Màlaga, du Casse opted instead to desert his post and seek his fortunes in the New World. At first he threw in with slave traders in Africa, and for a year made a modest profit off the venture. But he was never comfortable with the cruelty and detachment the job required, and so departed for the West Indies in search of yet another vocation.

For the next 10 years, du Casse roamed the West Indies as a hired gun, working for whomever had the coin and confidence to pay him. Ever prizing the value of intelligence and skill over mere reputation and breeding, du Casse, eventually found his way into the company of Laureano Torres of Cuba, in whom he found a friend and confidant...

(Note: Can we say "Templar" here too? Why don't we mention this? -DM)

(Note: No mentions of Templars in this one. I have no idea why. Orders from the top. -ML)

By July of 1717, du Casse had earned Torres's full trust and was soon appointed as Captain of one of the Governor's largest galleons. Running guns, munitions, gold, and supplies for the Governor, du Casse gained a reputation as the Governor's hit-man... a cold and ruthless killer who would not hesitate to eliminate anyone who crossed Torres's path.

But in September of 1715, he crossed Edward Kenway's path... and the rest is unrecorded history...

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