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We do know the Convention has ordered the arrest of most of the Public Safety gang... Hanriot, Robespierre and company, but they've also threatened to Convention in turn. Right now we just don't know who's winning.


Hébert may have been a man of the people, but his ambition and vanity obviously carried him down a path no longer in line with the Revolution's. Marat, he was not! It is not bold individual heroes we seek, but patriots, willing to sacrifice all for good the Republic.


We remind all Citizens that for well over a hundred years the practice of obtaining personal satisfaction via the medium of a duel, is outlawed and punishable in many nasty ways. If your granddad couldn't do it, neither can you!


Le Dauphin has disappeared! Is it possible that the son of Louis Capet, one Louis-Charles, has run away to Austria? Or worse? The boy has not been seen by the public for some time and his overseer, Antoine Simon will say nothing on the topic.


Where has Philibert Aspairt gone? The much-beloved door-keeper, Philibert Aspairt has mysteriously disappeared. A great favorite in his neighborhood, many are concerned that he wandered into dangerous precincts. Please be on the lookout for this genial fellow.

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