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A mysterious cult in the depths of the Cité. Rumours persist that an odd religious cult dating back centuries performs odd rituals in underground caverns. Ridiculous? Of course it is!


Citizen Égalité seems to have been the driving force behind the sentencing of his cousin Louis Capet. His tireless, insightful reasoning of the situation and all the stakes involved, helped sway many a fence-sitter.


The Vendée rises against us Citizens! They hold to the old ways and fear the march of progress! They kill good patriots and seek aid of the craven English... though it pains me to think of violence toward my fellow Frenchmen, they will know bitter defeat!


A Revolutionary Tribunal will safeguard our laws in these times of war, to expedite justice, and safeguard the republic. None can be tolerated who do now swim with the course of Liberty!


Saint-Just sets the fashion! Louis-Antoine de St-Just, he of the exalted Committee of Public Safety, has inspired the crowds milling about the Jacobin Club. Sporting an unusual waist-coat of exquisite design, the just-appointed President of the Convention delighted one and all with his luxurious locks and noble mien.

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