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Citizens Danton and Robespierre would like to defend their actions and honour before the public attacks of Citizens Louvet and company! In these dangerous times, the Revolution needs strong leaders, men unafraid of taking the hardest decisions.


News of Lafayette, the treacherous dog! Having accused and arrested the honourable members of the Paris Commune sent to treat with him, his brave troops' unwillingness to march on Paris has forced him to desert his post and flee through enemy lines!


Jacques Crapaud's tannery is again looking for labourers. With ten hour days and paid breaks for vomiting, we're well above the industry standard. Upon the usual untimely death, a small sum will be sent to the worker's family.


Marat is dead! Citizens! The flame of the Revolution has dimmed - the most ardent of us all has been viciously assassinated as he sat unwittingly in his bath. We will publish details of the crime as they come to light, but for now let us bow our heads in homage to this greatest of Revolutionaries.


Amazon fights for the Revolution! Readers recall the astonishing Théroigne de Méricourt, she who leads the crowds at many a revolutionary event. Now she has taken it upon herself to raise a brigade of warrior-women! We salute the efforts of this extraordinary woman!

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