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Following the mayhem at Tuileries Palace, the Legislative Assembly has taken the unprecedented step of suspending the King! He is under heavy guard in the Temple, with the rest of the Royal family.


La Lanterne, where popular wrath explodes! For years, the people have walked under the halo of the lanterns. Their hunger, their restlessness, their hopes for a fairer tomorrow never once illuminated by the flicker of lamp-light. Today, they are using those same lanterns to answer their thirst for justice.


Citizen Chappe has demonstrated with great success the use of his newest communications technology! Messages between Paris and Lille have been relayed with astonishing speed, hours literally... a miracle of modern science!


Good Citizen Sanson, the executioner of Paris, requests donations of old rags and other cloths no longer needed, for the mopping up of excess blood upon the Guillotine's gibbet. IT's quite a hazardous work environment, but you can help!


Murderious giant? Another absurd report has emerged of a lethal giant who stalks the alley-ways just off the Cour des Miracles. Citizens of the neighborhood call him the Giant Iscariotte, but we call him an illusion suffered by those given to too much drink.

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