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The roads of France are open to all trade Citizens! The reformation we started by tearing down the Tax Farmer's Walls, now sees it's natural conclusion! Is France not truly unified by these acts?


In the wake of missed deliveries, a terrible crop, and price irregularities, the bakers of Saint-Marceau, Saint-Antoine and Saint-Denis have asked for calm. They cannot bake bread without grain, and violence won't feed anyone's families.


Dr. Joseph Guillotin is attempting to make a mockery of public executions. Instead of proper beheadings, breakings upon the wheel or simple hangings, he is proposing that a machine execute the guilty in a clean, efficient manner. Nothing could be more absurd - executions are meant to give warnings to the populace. The more brutal, the better.


Mile Montansier, another wonderful performance. One dreams of sojourning in the midst of her plunging neckline. Do not ask this poor soul which play she was starring in. Very little seems important when her dainty figure finally makes its appearance on the Théatre de l'Ambigu-Comique's stage.


Wear your tricolor proudly good Citizens! Show your support for a new order, one more noble than then thousand aristocrats! An era of liberty! A society built on the principle that all men are indeed equal!

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