"Caterina welcomed me and we had a long walk together. I decided not to inform her of the events I've learned about. I had to investigate myself before alarming her."

I left with Lady Sforza to meet Ezio. Meanwhile, my Assassin Brother managed to track down one of the undercover Crows and followed him. The Crow was very suspicious and stopped multiple times to make sure he was not followed. The first sign of trouble came when the Crow halted for a second to exchange glances with a group of Borgia Guards in front of the Rocca di Revaldino [sic]. The Assassin decided to keep following the Crow though his senses told him that something is not right.

The Crow met with his brothers and after all of them turned their head towards the end of the street, it was clear to the Assassin that they knew of his presence. The Crows decided to take different streets in order to confuse the Assassin, but he cleverly hunted down all of them.

"Whilst I was worrying about the Assassin and his mission, Ezio had arrived and together with Caterina we returned to the city. We were about half way to the gates when several waves of citizens came running towards us in panic. Caterina stepped in front of a woman and asked her what happened. She inform Caterina that the city was under Borgia attack. I cursed myself for not telling them of this menace before. It was my fault... or was it?"

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