"The Borgia Soldier was not aware that I was an Assassin. He believed that I might be a member of the Sforza family. He seemed to be interested in some kind of hidden vault that was apparently somewhere underneath the city of Forlì. I tried to explain to him that I have no knowledge of such a place, but he kicked me in the face. I hope the Assassin will find me soon..."

My spy successfully contacted Ezio who in turn contacted my Assassin. After meeting each other, the Assassin hurried to the gates of the city where Ezio lured away several Borgia Guards guarding the perimeter. The Assassin then sneaked into the church and rescued me. We could not return to the city, but the Assassin told me that Ezio was waiting for us at the old lighthouse.

We had to fight our way through the Borgia forces but eventually, we made it to the lighthouse and met with Ezio. I told him everything I could and he reassured me of his trust.

"Ezio instructed the Assassin to escort me back to the Rocca. While the siege of Forlì was still ongoing, I was somewhat satisfied that we've successfully eliminated The Crows and I hope that I will never have to see them again."

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