ACU Jean Gilbert

The gendarme who ruined Marie-Antoinette's escape from the Conciergerie. The queen had pin-pricked a message into a piece of paper in reply to a secret message hidden in the petals of a carnation. *
* This was an early form of DMing someone.
The plan (known as the complot d'oeillet) dictated that Gilbert take this message to the queen's allies on the outside in return for 400 louis, a tidy sum equivalent to three years' pay. Many of the queen's captors felt compassion for her; some even brought her flowers (this would greatly annoy Fouquier-Tinville, the public prosecutor). **
** Bringing her flowers was a terribly idea. She probably had to check every bloody leaf in case there was a message on one. It was an enormous waste of her time.
Gilbert had second thoughts at the last minute: if the plan failed, it was the guillotine for him too. He spoke up, revealing the escape attempt and ending the queen's last, desperate hope of survival.

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