ACR DB James Wardrop

Born: c1705
Died: 1754

James Wardrop was born to a Templar family in the American Colonies. He followed in his father's footsteps and was inducted into the Templar Order in 1720.

James Wardrop's main task was to secure land and wealth for the Templar Order. Though the Templars were not yet officially established in the American Colonies, men like Wardrop were slowly but surely setting things in motion.

In 1744, he began to build a trade network for the Order that ran from the Colonies to the West Indies. By 1750, he was working with Christopher Gist to acquire land in North America. Wardrop endeavored to keep the fledgling American colonies loyal to the British government, but was not above using his position to line his own pockets.

Wardrop was entrusted with the manuscript by Lawrence Washington. Shay caught up to him in Albany during the Albany Congress and killed him.