Born: 1695
Died: ????

James Kidd is a young man with a long and checkered past. Not yet out of his teens, he is a cocky and confident lad with a brashness cultivated to counter his youth. He also claims to be the bastard son of the late William Kidd, the infamous privateer-turned-pirate who was captured and hanged by British authorities in 1701. Although James has no proof of this connection, his mother always insisted on it, claiming that she spent a single “panicked night of passion” with Captain Kidd just before his departure from London in 1695.

Growing up fatherless and with a spendthrift mother did little to improve his prospects at leading a normal life, and by the age of 12 he had found employment aboard merchant vessels sailing between the British colonies in North America and the West Indies. By the time he was 17, James called Jamaica his home, and he further honed his skills as a sailor here.

Although he never sailed with the likes of Ben Hornigold, Ed Thatch, or Edward Kenway, James was among the first sailors to settle in Nassau, and was a crucial figure in its development as a republic.

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