ACS Jacob Frye (Database)

Date of Birth: 9 November 1847.

Jacob was born the younger Frye twin, to a schoolmaster and his young wife, both Assassins. His mother, Cecily, died giving birth.

After being cared for by their grandmother until the age of six, Jacob and Evie were taken into the family home at Crawley. A forward-thinker, Ethan Frye raised his children steeped in Assassin heritage, every night educating them in the ways of the Assassins and the world. Evie soaked up this knowledge; Jacob paid far less attention to his father's lessons and gradually came to resent them.

Evie was always the good student, but Jacob was the athlete. He heard and obeyed the tenets of the Creed and the instructions of the Assassin Brotherhood, but inside he was pure chaos, waiting for a chance to unleash his potential. While Evie dutifully practiced with her father, Jacob took to wild explorations late at night of the dark factories and gambling dens of Crawley and beyond.

With his father's death, Jacob was finally free of his obligation as a small-town watchman. Notorious as the second-best Assassin in the London suburbs (after Evie of course), he was ready to face his destiny in the big city.

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