ACS DB Jack Gang Rooks

When Jacob and Evie defeated Starrick in 1868 and ended the Templar's influence in the city, the Rooks proved to be one of the toughest gangs to overcome.

Years later when Jack went rogue, he had already gained the support of some of London's most dangerous men. He took over the command of Jacob's Rooks. Together, they managed to recruit or kill anyone who resisted Jack's power play. Jack trained them to be more effective against the London Assassins.

The Rooks of Jack the Ripper ran several operations for him, including running security for Lady O's brothels. A few lieutenants reopened the Fight Clubs, while others trafficked in opium and stole antiquities from the colonies. There was no end to their cruel creativity...

It was Jack's organisation now, and he would show the Assassins that their true future lay with him and his Creed of Terror.